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In Rwanda We Say… The family that does not speak dies

Part 2 of the Gacaca Trilogy

52 minutes

  • Emmy Award for News and Documentary (2005)

The second film of this trilogy, shot two years after the first one in the same hillside community, continues Anne Aghion’s quest to learn how, and whether, people can overcome fear, hatred and deep emotional scars, to forge a common future after genocide. Ten years after the 1994 genocide, as close to 16,000 suspects, still untried, are released across the country: having confessed to their crimes, and served the maximum sentence the Gacaca will eventually impose, they are sent home to plow fields and fetch water alongside the people they are accused of victimizing. “IN RWANDA WE SAY… The family that does not speak dies” focuses on the release of one suspect, and the effect of his return on this tiny hillside hamlet. What unfolds is an astonishing testament to the liberating power of speech: little by little, people begin to talk in a profound and articulate way—first to the camera, and then to each other—as these neighbors negotiate the emotional task of accepting life side by side.
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