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Gacaca, Living together again in Rwanda?

Part 1 of the Gacaca Trilogy

55 minutes

  • Unesco Fellini Prize (2003)

In 1994, the genocide that took place in Rwanda claimed over 800,000 lives in less than three months. Eight years later, the first film in this award-winning trilogy, “GACACA, Living together again in Rwanda?” follows the first steps in one of the world’s boldest experiments in reconciliation: the Gacaca (Ga-TCHA-tcha) Tribunals. These are a new form of citizen-based justice aimed at unifying this country of 8 million people. “GACACA, Living together again in Rwanda?” goes directly to the emotional core of the story, talking one-on-one with survivors and accused killers alike, who, side by side, have to face the preliminaries of this “justice under the trees”.
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